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Character Biographies

I will update this as the comic updates, to prevent spoilers

The contest is over, and the winner is Bob Oosterwijk of Star Bored!

Samantha Ross, prefers Sam. Almost 20 years old. Wields a buster class sword, and a .50 Desert Eagle. Joined the Organization to pay off her enormous college debt, incurred from the 7 years it took her to earn a bachelors. Outfit partially inspired by FF8's Squall. She made it herself! Sam is the the most powerful character in the comic, with her berserk ability bringing her off the scales. Speed and agility suffers. Only non-brownie observed to do magic.

  • Character design inspired by Azalyn from Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Costume partially based on Squall's jacket from FF8. Her sword is pretty much Cloud's from FF7.
  • Elisa Keid. ~20. Uses a kodachi (short Japanese sword) and 2 g18c (fully auto) glocks. Used to own a motorcycle 'till the world blew up, is a fairly competent mechanic. A southern girl, very protective of Sam. Very high agility, the ability to read and anticipate a faster opponents movements, and the only one of the three able to provide any reasonable amount of cover fire. Strength is middle of the pack, slightly above Brooke. If any of the three could be considered the leader, it would be her.

  • Character design inspired by 18 from DBZ. Costume just sort of happened. I like the collars, and the jacket designs were already taken, so I went with a vest. It moves sort of like a cape, adding some spice to dramatic moves.
  • Brooke Haven. Mid to upper 20s. Wields a katana, she has a dislike for gunplay. Her abusive parents were killed in front of her when she was younger, causing her to be a little bit scarred. She volunteered for the agency 15 years ago right after her parents died. How she knew about the agency is unknown and probably unimportant. Brooke is speed incarnate. She's by far the fastest, though she can't read movements, so she must stay on the offensive. Strength is actually very high brownie level, though it is still much below the average grey.

  • Character design from accidental doodle (don't tell her she was an accident!). No inspiration I can think of. Costume is based on a highschool varsity jacket, I've used the color scheme before for a SE: Lain fanart I did. At the start of the Tournament, she bought a new jacket at the gift shop at the recomendation of Bob.
  • Dr. Bob. Mid 20s. Stereotypical mad scientist. Apparently no weapons, but has a really cool watch... too bad the batteries are dead. Actually managed to destroy the Earth (the holy grail of mad sciencedom), although really it's Sam's fault. Built the Warp Gate 2.0, now known to be a time machine. LCD technology has been lost, replaced by holographic displays, so Bob had to go with an analog display.

  • Character design inspired by me. Based on a haircut I had before. Lab coat, psycadelic power tie, and khakis. Now wearing typical prison garb, an orange jumpsuit, along with an implanted bomb that can be set off by Haruka at will. Not a Mary Sue!!!
  • Jeremy Sol. Appears mid to upper teens. Wields a knight's sword. Jeremy is above average grey level in terms of sword skill, though horribly impaired by his hemophelia. He is top level medic as a result of Haruka changing his class after discovering his illness. His modest sword skills are the result of self training due to his mother's overprotective refusal to train him properly. He forgot his sword before warping with Alicia, so I guess he'll have to get a new one. Strength is a notch below Haruka, all other stats average. Very little experience in fighting

  • Universal grey haired kid. See .hack/sign and Inuyasha. Hair is the result of continuous doodling. Outfit, believe it or not, is inspired by Tyler Durden of Fight Club. "In the world I see... you wear leather clothes that last you the rest of your life..." Also not a Mary Sue!!!
  • Haruka Sol. Jeremy's mother. She is single, and in her mid 30's. Probably the single most powerful swordmaster ever. Wields a purple diamond buster class sword she received as an engagement sword. She defeated the Eastern Empire's Emperor (Alicia's father) in a duel, ending the war. Strength near Sam's, all other stats near max. Very protective of Jeremy, owner of Bob, friend of Sam, Elisa, and Brooke.

  • Character design originally inspired by that lady from Love Hina, whats her name, Haruka too I think, though its branched off some to a little Haruko from FLCL.
  • Alicia Eridani. Appears to be mid to upper teens. A very rare brownie sword user, she wields a short sword hidden in a cane. Princess of the Eastern Empire, daughter of the late Emperor, who has been indicated to be Jeremy's father, making her possibly his half sister. She convinced him to go on an adventure to visit his father... Alicia has been shown to have high dexterity, able to pick apart Jeremy's supposed superior stats. Some magical ability in the form of "Flare," an incredibly weak fireball attack that seems to be her magical limit.

  • Alicia wears a special tech armor vest, which most brownies seem to wear. She wears a red shortened version though, quite different from the standard issue blue's, which offer slightly more protection.
  • Race info:

    Agents. Sam, Elisa, and Brooke. Extraordinary people, transported to a world mostly inhabited by two races: the sword weilding warrior greys and gun mage brownies. Varied stats, usually specialists in one field.

    Greys. A warrior race characterized by high strength and resistance to damage. Also grey hair. Fairly few in number, shown by the close up crowd scenes and nearly empty bus station at "rush hour" mentioned by Haruka. Incapable of using magic. Technology is very advanced, though mostly inherited from the previous civilization. Greys inhabit mostly small towns.

    Brownies. A mage race, characterized by high dexterity, intelligence, and gunplay. Also brown hair. Mages are usually limited to one element or magic type group, and ability varies, resulting in many relying on guns. Technology is high, but was largely displaced by the discovery and spread of magic by the previous civilization. There are quite alot of brownies running around, they outnumber the greys by several times. The Eastern Empire is composed of many very large cities.

    The story so far... or how I let people skip my crappy first chapter:

    Three special ops agents are sent to stop a mad scientist with apirations of world domination. While interogating Dr. Robert, Sam got bored and practiced twirling her pistol. Bob was in the middle of explaining that he wasn't able to control the time or destination of the interdimensional wormgate yet, when Sam's gun went off and took out the fusion reactor's auxilliary cooling system. This set off a chain reaction, prompting the scientist to start up his untested wormhole to escape the insanely large explosion that would occur. They entered it, and awoke in a large green field. Nearby, they found Dr. Bob "holding" their swords for them. Right after retreiving their weapons, with a big spray of blood (dead bodies don't bleed, remember?),they met a young man. He used his apparently advanced medical technology (a first aid spray) to save Bob. He dragged Bob's @ss on a stretcher 40 miles, (since the girl's certainly weren't going to), until they set up camp forthe night. They told their stories to one another (although I haven't shown the new guys side yet) and hit the sack. In the morning, Bob woke up to find himself tied to a board with a big tummy ache. They walked the rest of the way, arriving in town sometime late in the afternoon. Jeremy pointed them to the town council, then went home to visit hismother. They walked over, when Sam and Brooke noticed a flyer for a tournament. Elisa then dropped him off, after being threatened with a haunting. Jeremy goes home, expecting a big fuss, only to be told to get his mom a drink and to take out the trash. Then, she tackles him... in chibi form, lol. Sam, Elisa, and Brooke arrive at the house, and no one answers the door. Sam kicks down the door, screaming "Where is the damn bathroom!" They all have a little meeting, and Haruka makes a joke about Jeremy being gay. A week later, Dr. Bob shows up at their door, in a bright orange inmate type outfit, and a bomb in his pants. Sam answers the door, Bob goes temporarily insane and takes a swing at her. She dodges, and breaks his arm as a reflex. Haruka takes care of him, while the othes got dressed (in Harukas sweaters, she seems to have a ton of purple ones.) Elsewhere, some of the local scientists are having a look-see at Dr. Bob's "warpgate" watch. Apparently, parallel dimensions were disproved some time ago... So where did they come from?

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