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Fan art, gift art, and sketches by me

Fanart I made for Kirb at Just Another Escape.

Guest strip from the author of Plotless Violence.

Giftart from Toxic of Zombie High.

Giftart from Phil of The Volet.

Giftart picture from Ruxen of The Crow: Alicesynage.

Fanart picture for Orion of Beyond Reality.

Fanart picture for Ly of Loonie Bin.

Chibi picture of little kid me, done by me.

Backgrounds I used for filler during Easter weekend:1-2

Filler pic featuring Elisa

Filler pic featuring Samantha

Filler pic featuring Brooke

My banner ad.

Guest comic from mcDuffies!

Gift art to Kisai for fixing Keenspace!Link

Picture of Jeremy dressed like Kabuto from Naruto! Link

A submission to How Not to Run a Webcomic

Another submission to How Not to Run a Webcomic How not to introduce your characters.

I got some fanart from my secret santa, D. Kroulek. Go check out their site!

I sketched this one out a couple weeks ago. Its Haruka of course, but from a couple years ago...

Birthday gift art I did for Kisai

Guest comic I did for Jamie and Nick

If anyone can see this, please email me! or visit my Forum.

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Here's a link to some of the best webcomics out there:

Star Bored Sexy Losers, Give him money!! Nishichi27 by Typo/Laura RPG WOrld by IanFur Will Fly by Brian and 
Cami 8 Bit Theater

Errant Story by
Michael Poe

Count Your Sheep is the cutest comic I have ever seen... go read it!

Count Your Sheep by Adrian Ramos

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